What are VPNS and why use them in the company

What are VPNS and why use them in the company

The virtual private networks (Virtual Private Network)They consist of servers used to connect to the internet through an IP of a different computer, which makes things easier, for example if you are traveling abroad and want to connect from a computer in the country. However, virtual private networks can have many uses and are not without benefits when you decide to use them in the business environment as well. By the way, not all VPNs are free, nor do they necessarily have to work in a similar way to a public Wi-Fi network. Also, you can set up your own VPN in your company and use it for your own purposes, since virtual private networks are useful in companies. companies, for, when they have different delegations, branches and offices. Why does everyone have to work from a different IP and different computers,

These private networks make it easy for many companies to share information within their environment and access it from anywhere in the world, even through their mobile devices.

Having a virtual private network also provides centralized management and a network control system that would benefit the IT department, adding the following benefits: 

– Monitor all the computers on the network.

– Process security solutions jointly.

– Optimize bandwidth consumption.

– Manage and maintain the company’s computer equipment remotely. Even if they have applications hosted in a cloud service , they can integrate them through MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology.

Some business processes can also be integrated, such as the purchase of material through an IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) tunnel.

A VPN service can encrypt internet connection data so that your employees can connect safely, perform anonymous searches, manage confidential information. It can also be useful for testing software from a network other than your own.

If you browse through public Wi-Fi networks, you can do it more securely if you connect through a VPN. You can connect to servers in different countries, so you can access the internet as if you were in one of them.

When you connect on the internet through a virtual private network, the IP address of your computer is replaced by the one you are using, so your browsing will be safer in any case and protect your privacy in the activities you carry out.

Not all companies decide to build their own virtual private network, since there are also public cloud solutions , which can provide solutions for specific cases, although not with complete control of the IT equipment, security and internal processes of the company. If your case is that of a small business and you want to outsource computer services, in your situation it may be better to hire the maintenance services of a computer company that can monitor, control and optimize your computer equipment remotely in a personalized way and helping you to get good results.


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