Web 3.0 is considered revolutionary and different. So, what’s so different about web 3.0?
We often hear the terms cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and mining. Let’s get this out of the way. All the above terms mentioned form an integral part of web 3.0.
All the above terms and much more tie into what we know as web 3.0, the next generation of the internet. This new generation of internet has a totally different approach to what we are used to using right now.
The most popular thing about this new generation of the internet is that people tell you to invest in the new generation internet. People are beginning to see the great value presented by decentralized ledger technology.
Before we move forward, let’s find out what’s web 3.0


The simplest way to understand web 3.0 is to think of it as the internet that uses everything from big data to machine learning as well as artificial intelligence to make the internet more efficient, wherein data can be expected to be stored in a much more decentralized manner.
Web 3.0 is often referred to as the semantic web.
Web 3.0 is not totally here yet in its final iteration and is improving and evolving as you speak. This third-generation internet will be expected to use everything that we have in our arsenal.
We can expect artificial intelligence as well as blockchain technology to be used, with the primary goal of creating decentralized operations. This type of web aims to keep power in the hands of the users rather than big corporations.
Now that we know a bit about web 3.0, let’s get to know SEO.


SEO or search engine optimisation is self-explanatory, the answer is in the abbreviation. SEO is basically done by websites so that they get noticed more by search engines.
We all know and understand how important it is to appear on the first page of search results and therefore search engine optimisation aims to do this organically.
There are several practises involved in SEO with the goal that search engine crawlers designed by search engines find it easier to navigate a website and find relevant organic content easily.
There are several ways to achieve SEO and these practices range from backlink generation to proper keyword usage and even staying clean in terms of online practices.
If these are followed well then search engine algorithms reward the websites with an organic rank that will place them as far from the top of the search results as possible.


If you are someone who is into digital marketing and SEO and if you are wondering if web 3.0 will be the end of SEO, then you are wrong.
Although we understand the concern because not all of us believe that SEO will survive this web 3.0 onslaught.
But you do not have to worry because there will always be SEO as long as there are search engines. And looking at our reliance on search engines, we predict it is not going to be soon that SEO becomes obsolete.
Although there are a few things you must keep in mind. With web 3.0, you will need to make some changes to your SEO strategy.
You will have to learn and unlearn certain things. The things you have to unlearn might include the current way SEO is done.
Web 3.0 will bring in new opportunities and new techniques for getting noticed by search engines.


If you ask yourself, what is the main purpose of SEO, then most of you will tell us that SEO is there in place so that the website and the web page gets noticed.

Everything that is done in SEO is so that the crawlers can have an easy time assessing the web page and thereby ensuring it has a good rank.

The current system of crawling is not efficient and that is why SEO is not that efficient and so comes the various techniques such as keyword placement etc.

The one worry that digital marketers have is that web 3.0 will be so efficient that there will be no need for SEO. However, that is not the case.

There will always be a need for SEO but in web 3.0 we can see good cluster content analysis which will ensure that similar types of websites are stacked in similar groups and different types are identified and segregated better.

This will ensure better results for less effort.


Web 3.0 will be revolutionary for AI implementation and will ensure you no longer need to insert keywords now and then so that the search engine notices you.

In web 3.0 the AI algorithms will be such that can identify words and meanings as well as the context so that they can come to an intelligent conclusion instead of simply finding out keywords whenever something is searched.

The potential for this is huge because web 3.0 will ensure no piece of data slips behind and therefore if your website and web page of your business actually provides some service that the customer is searching for then the customer will definitely big guided to you.



We who are involved in digital marketing know how difficult it is to promote anything on social media. In order to get a good rank on social media, you literally have to become viral.

Things are not as convenient as any search engine wherein if somebody searches for something they will be directed towards you.

This may feel as if social media platforms have a different search engine working for them.

With wave 3.0 you will no longer have to do additional SEO for social media as social media results will also be integrated into one of the most seamless ways into the regular web.

This will ensure that no matter where you are and no matter which platform you are in if somebody searches for something remotely close to your business you are sure to get noticed.

Web 3.0 will transform how people search the internet. Web 3.0 is being implemented right now and has been implemented in large parts of the internet. Although it is in its earliest stage, it will ensure to change the internet culture forever.

If you are thinking SEO will become irrelevant then that is not the case. SEO will play a role as however efficient web 3.0 gets, there will always remain a few shortcomings. As long as there are shortcomings in ranking, there will be SEO.

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META – Web 3.0 is definitely the next generation of the internet for SEO as it is going to transform how we do search engine optimisation. From using a different new technique to different algorithms for ranking.