Top Life Lesson For Single Mothers To Run Business Successfully

Top Life Lesson For Single Mothers To Run Business Successfully

I live in a country where 14.84 million women are house leaders with no male spouse. A woman running a business is a challenge to the stereotype, especially when you are a single mother. There are many women worldwide running their successful businesses and giving equal attention to their house. It is only a woman who has those much multi-tasking abilities. 

Let’s discuss some of the life lessons that I have learned from single mothers running businesses.     

How it all started?

It isn’t easy to choose a starting point. I am Samantha Kaylee, a single mother and a successful business owner.

I graduated from Georgetown University, and soon after my studies, I married my long term love. It all seems like a fairy tale; a dedicated housewife, a loving husband and a cute little son. But fairytales don’t last long; I got divorced and was left hopeless. At that point in my life, I decided to commit suicide, but my son gives me motivation and inspiration to work. 

Since then, I work tirelessly to give my son the life he deserves. I have worked in a number of publishing houses, and now I own a publishing house.      

Who inspires me?

It isn’t easy to highlight one woman who was my inspiration during this journey. Though, two ladies always support me in fighting against the odds. 

The first woman is the most generous host ever, ‘Oprah Winfrey’. She inspires me to rise and shine like a star. See her following quote that can inspire any women.  

“When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.”― Oprah Winfrey

The second woman was Lady Diana; her sufferings from a marriage remind me of my woes. But her smile told me that there is always a bright day after a stormy night. 

“Only do what your heart tells you.” ― Lady Diana

Life inspiration Lessons

My journey is not long enough to give anyone a life lesson. But I have learned and collected life lessons from single mothers to inspire you.  

  • You are made from Iron

The core lesson that I and any other single women firstly learn is being strong. Life is already difficult for single women. 

The societal stigma gets attached to these women and hurdles peaceful living. Though what you can do is to look confident in your life.  

Never dress shabbily or lean down at the workplace; always show your strong part. Give a first striking impression to your business counterparts, as it takes only 27 seconds to create an impression. 

Always wear a wristwatch and greet with confidence to others. 

  • Risk is worth taking

Risks are an essential part of the business. How would you be able to succeed if you won’t take a risk? 

We all have a business plan in our mind at some point in life. The biggest restrain is our fear of taking a risk. Trust me; it’s just the first step that is tough for you. 

Once you have decided to face the fear of risk, there’s nothing that can stop you. 

As Mark Zuckerberg says, “The only strategy that’s guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

See the following illustration, which reflects the percentage of risk-takers in professional life. 

  • You are the in-charge

You are the in-charge, is a broader term covering different life aspects. The first applies to your business. 

The whole business is in your hand, and you are the sole responsible for its development. You can operate it in the way you want. It means you are the only person who can derive the business towards success.

The second aspect is self-control. You are the owner of all your thoughts that are being generated in your mind. You do not need anyone to make you happy or sad.

So take charge of your life, try to accept your mistake and learn from them. Do not remember any past event that emotionally hurts you. Whenever any past event haunts me, I try meditation; it is relaxing.  

  • Your children are part of your business

When you are a mother, children become an essential element of your life. Spending a single day without them becomes a difficult task. 

But, the business also demands equal time. The best solution is to include your children in your business. My son has a separate working desk at my publishing house. He completes his homework and spends time playing games on his desk. He also suggests some themes for improving our essay editing service UK. Include them and make them the stakeholder of your business. Keeping them in front of the eye is more satisfactory then leaving them with baby sitters. 

  • Learn to say no

There would be many events when you have to say no. You have to say no to your employees for appraisals in your startup. You have to say no to your friend to spend time at home. Learn to say no;

  • Learn to say no directly; don’t beat around the bush.
  • Understand the tricks people use to get approval. 
  • Set your boundaries.
  • You have to be a little selfish. 

Run Your Business like a Pro

The basic lesson I learned from my life is that there is no one to fight for you. Whether it is good or bad, you are the sole owner of all. Running a business is not a piece of cake; it is a significantly difficult task. Whenever you felt low or demotivated, take inspiration from great women warriors. These are the warriors who have fought for their freedom and make remarkable victories. Remember one thing women are the strongest creature on earth, which can do anything in the world. Do you agree with this statement? 

Author’s Bio

Claudia Jeffrey is a single mother of two kids alongside working as junior editor at crowd writer. She loves traveling and write to save the memories whenever she travel to new places.