Smart Home Trends for 2022

Smart Home Trends for 2022

HD quality, multiplatform systems and cybersecurity, among the main technological innovations that will lead today’s digital homes-
Madrid , February 20, 2022. The global smart home market (intelligent or digital homes) will continue to grow over the next five years at a rate of 6.8%, reaching 102,961 million euros in 2027, according to the research firm Valuates markets , while in Spain a growth in the market for smart home solutions and devices of up to 300% is expected by 2024. And the fact is that home automation has many benefits: providing the user with higher levels of comfort, sustainability, energy savings and efficiency, as well as more control over what happens in the home and home security.

Current security systems are driving the smart home market, having undergone a significant evolution with the incorporation of advanced technologies that have expanded their functionalities, transcending traditional residential security to integrate and extend the user experience towards the well-being of home occupants. , to create more connected and intelligent spaces.

ADT ,the residential business unit of Johnson Controls Building Technologies & Solutions, reveals the top 5 trends and technological innovations in the Digital Home for this year 2022:

  • Multi-platform systems that will allow multiple devices to be connected, not only for security, but also for viewing and comfort, creating a smart home that adapts to the needs and preferences of each user. This trend will be reinforced with access from any platform (mobile device, PC, etc.), providing the user with the convenience of managing and monitoring their home wherever they are.
  • Integration of smart devices with the aim of creating a connected home, it will be possible to create a complete and interactive system in which all the devices, which were previously not connected to each other, will now be integrated and can be used in a unified and simple way, in the same system accessible to all household members.
  • Intelligent video with maximum speed and HD quality in outdoor and indoor video cameras that, with advanced technology, will collect clear images to view what is happening in the home 24/7; and that will incorporate video analytics and smart alerts with which they will be able to warn of what is happening every time a movement is detected. The user will be able to incorporate support and care functions for the elderly or vulnerable, surveillance of children and pets, among others, remotely and reliably.
  • Remote home management that will allow the user to manage, with high capacity and reliability, all the connected devices in their home from anywhere and at any time, executing functionalities such as temperature control, turning lights on and off, remote surveillance, through cameras, the opening and closing of doors, among others.
  • Cybersecurity to also protect the digital life of connected homes, thus allowing mobile devices and other connected devices in the home and the privacy of the family not to be cyberattacked. The creation of a cybersecure space against classic viruses and potential cyberattacks, as well as monitoring digital activity on the Internet, will give the user the peace of mind of being protected in the connected environment of their home.
    “The increase in the adoption of the digital or smart home in Spain is being driven, among other factors, by the constant increase in the number of users with Internet access, as well as an increasingly wide range of devices with smart functionalities. In this sense, today’s alarm and security systems have advanced in their services and capabilities through intelligent automation, granting the user all the power of comprehensive management of their home, simplifying daily routines and improving their well-being and quality of life. life.”, says José González Osma, director of ADT , the Residential Business Unit of Johnson Controls . “For example, our ADT Smart Security technologyIt allows us to have a complete, easy-to-use and competitive security solution that includes notification to the police, connection to the alarm center, 24/7 video-intelligence and connectivity to make the home or business safer and smarter places”.