Is SEO or Social Media Platform Vital for Your Website?

Is SEO or Social Media Platform Vital for Your Website?


For a blogger person like you, the website is a critical source to connect with the audience. Now, it may be difficult for you to understand how your website should reach your audience. 

Are you confused between SEO and social media? This blog will help you figure out what will work best for you. Both of them act like effective tools and focus on the online publicity of the web page.

But both need strategies in line to work effectively for you. To cover specific areas, you would definitely look for effective SEO tools like SEMrush and AHERF. Depending on the type of online coverage your webpage demands, you can pick any social media tools.

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You can determine which of these two tools can guide you to the right path to success once you get a deeper understanding of them both. There is nothing requirement as such to examine and analyze on own. 

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How can SEO tools help you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you to enhance the position of your website in the search engine. You can formulate strategies based on popular queries raised by your target audience in the search platform.

The better your website’s rank, the more traffic it will attract. Therefore, you can focus solely on developing SEO strategies that match your requirements.

If you hit the strategy for your website, it will at once improve your visibility in the search platform. Varied kinds of tools that may be helpful for you are:


It is the most impactful SEO tool you can use to enhance the rank of your website in the search engine. It mainly focuses on conducting deep keyword research. Besides, it monitors the type of strategy implemented by your competitors while handling keywords.

With the help of SEMrush, you can fetch the website to analyze it further for more clarity on lacking website performance. It allows you to make sure if the backlinking opportunity is available for you.  

Here are the advantages of using the SEMrush tool for your website.

  • It enables you to locate the effective keyword that can do wonders for your website. You can conduct extensive keyword research using this tool. 
  • It allows you to examine the different factors and elements associated with your website. Press a few buttons to understand the condition of your website. It will give you a clear idea about your organic and paid-to-reach apart from the type of backlinks you use for your website.
  • It brings you closer to identifying what could be the strength and weaknesses of your website.
  • It elaborates pretty much everything about your opponent’s website. You can implement this SEO tool to determine the type of keywords your competitor might be using.
  • It gives out a comparative study between your and your competitor’s approach with the keyword. It further helps in locating if there is any gap between your strategies.


Several individuals across the globe prefer another well-liked SEO tool, and it is none other than AHREF. You can employ this tool to examine the link profile of the website. In short, you can clarify essential aspects concerning the SEO health of your website.

The best features of AHREFs are described here below:

  • It provides extensive support while analyzing backlinks. You can rely on its information to understand how backlinking should be done on your website.
  • You can expect better support from this tool as compared to SEMrush. 
  • It also helps you closely examine keywords. It lets you point out the best keyword you should attach to your website to improve its ranking.

How can social media tools make things convenient for you?

When it comes to social media, you get the opportunity to use a different types of platforms. However, focusing on multiple platforms at the same can be tedious. 

Above all, this approach cannot help you to enjoy effective outcomes. You will be suitable if you pay attention to one or two platforms to generate the best results.

You can use diverse sorts of tools to manage social media platforms. Find what you can use from the list of tools shared to handle different activities on the social media platform.


It provides huge coverage on accounts managed over different social media platforms. It lets you monitor different activities happening around your social media accounts. Most importantly, it allows bulk scheduling of posts. 

Creator studio

It offers the combined benefits of diverse tools used for social media platforms. It enables sharing a post, monetizing, managing, and calculating the content available on multiple social media platforms. 

Post planner

This is your catch if you are looking forward to publishing good quality content from your social media account. It lets you design an effective post-planning calendar. In short, it lets you post regularly to keep your account active.

You can take advantage of the content recommendation feature of this tool. It facilitates you selecting a schedule for publishing your content based on its type.

The bottom line

You have created a website for your services. But now, you are in a fix to decide if you should rely on SEO or social media tools to push your website’s reach. People often debate this topic.

But the answer would be subjective. It totally depends on the kind of exposure you want for your website. Both these tools would provide a different purpose.

So, at first, you must understand your reason behind looking for these tools. Jumping into both will make your job challenging. Besides, it will impact the quality of results that you expect from your attempt.

You need to figure out which tool to employ so that it can bring in the best returns in the form of a website’s performance. Apply the logic that you have acquired from this guest post.


Simply designing and publishing the website will not help until you apply the right strategy using the right tools. Go ahead and learn more about SEO and useful social media tools.