Multiplayer Games That Are Played Worldwide

Multiplayer Games That Are Played Worldwide


Playing games with your cousins is a life-changing experience with beautiful memories. However, you’ll get bored during the lockdown, so playing games with your family members enhances love and affection between couples.

Online gaming is viral, but playing strategic games will increase your critical thinking, while fighting games will fasten your mind. This article will help you select the games with mwave discount code from the Mwave online store and help you decide and get the best gaming equipment you might need and that will suit you better for playing with your family. 

War Thunder:

It is a combined battle game on land, air and sea. You’ll find pre-world war vehicles and naval vessels, and airplanes. You’ll control them virtually and select your country from the USA, Germany, Russia, Britain, France, China, and China. This game has three modes with several tickets, and if a team loses all its players so that team will be knockout. 

Arcade battles:

In Arcade battles, you’ll find extra engine power vehicles. At the same time, it’ll be lovely to play like dogfighting and tanks and whole colour shells that will penetrate the tanks. 


Realistic is a slow-playing mode where you’ll quickly identify friendly players. Still, you will not find any spawns as you’ll capture enemies eliminating vehicles on capturing points. 

Simulation battles:

Simulated playing is the best for players who love slow-paced games. It is basically the war of tanks between the nations in which you’ll communicate with your team tank members.


This game is developed by epic games, available in three different modes, and up to a hundred players can play at a time. You’ll also fight zombies-like creatures as it consists of traps and survival games. It is available on iOS and Android devices.

Save the world:

It is a corporative game consisting of four players in which most of the world population is finished due to a storm, and the survivors are converted into zombies. You’ll be given specific missions to be completed. 

Fortnite Battle Royale:

In this game, weaponless players’ crosses the battle bus, but the players with weapons will attack and eliminate other players. In addition, the map will start shrinking due to a storm. If you are unsuccessful in evacuating yourself, you will be eliminated. 

Civilization V:

It is a multiplayer game that starts from a small settlement and converts into a large civilization as it is a strategy-based game. You’ll have to manage military and civilian units to find new cities and ready for the battle. 


You will find city-states with minor civilizations achieving victory as it also has three different cultures and bonuses maritime, cultured and military. It is based on diplomacy, rewards and grants. 


Victory will help you protect the peacekeeping mission of the United States, also like supporting other civilizations. You’ll dominate the world, but victory conditions will be simplified. 

Planet Side 2:

It is a multiple-player online shooting game in which thousands of players participate in modern shooting elements. It has the same world and factions, which also supports 2000 concurrent players on a single map. You’ll gain experience by eliminating enemies and aiding allies. 


You’ll find vehicles like the infiltrator, which has motion detection ability. It also consists of combat light assault which allows users to damage vehicles. You’ll love to play Combat medics will revive your allies. Equipped with assault rifles, Engineers are also available to repair damaged vehicles. The MAX will damage heavy weapon slots. 


Apex Legends:

It is a shooting game in which you’ll find two to three players squads, and it has predesigned characters called legends, but if you play Royal battle, it will consist of up to 23 personal squared. This game is the most-played game of all time, with approximately one billion players. Each squad has Amor, weapons and other equipment placed at different positions on the map. Although you will love to select the game-safe zone to reduce your map. It consists of seasons like the wild frontier, battle charger, meltdown, and many more. 


It is a team-based game in which a team fights against another team member. Each player has skills and fighting styles with 30 levels of the championship. You will find four game modes: Siege, Onslaught, team Death match, & ranked.


Civilization is based on historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte. You’ll find unique buildings and monuments according to culture and heritage. Like in Arabia, you’ll see knight units instead of camels and markets instead of the bazaar. 

Final remarks:

Multiplayer games help you build connections with different people. You could be sitting in any part of the world and you can play with a team of 10 people online, or even more and create meaningful bonds with one another


You’ll play games according to your user policy with terms and conditions, saving your child from harmful effects.