House Designs With Plans – Simple, Small And Modern

House Designs With Plans – Simple, Small And Modern

We discover the best small one-story house designs: simple and modern plans. You will love them.
If we had to imagine a house, images of two-story buildings would surely come to mind, with two floors of windows and a small chimney expelling smoke. However, when building a real house, it is not always necessary to raise it to several levels, since single-story buildings imply a series of benefits, such as better accessibility and greater comfort.

With this in mind, we present below a series of models, plans, and facade ideas, which can serve as a reference when thinking about designs for one-story houses.

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How to devise a good plan?

Building a single-storey house does not have to mean a sacrifice in square meters or even number of spaces. Keep in mind that even in small one-story house designs, it is possible to fit up to three or four bedrooms.

Below we present a series of different designs of single-story houses, which can serve as distribution models for the different rooms in the space. Whether it’s two, three, or even four bedrooms, everything can fit into a single height.

2 bedroom one story house designs

For many, two bedrooms is the minimum requirement in a residence — whether it’s a house or an apartment. And, without a doubt, in a small single-storey house it is possible to include them. Here we present a model of good spatial distribution.
In this small house, both rooms are arranged together, at the bottom of the floor. In this way, the common spaces (in a very fluid open plan) are separated from the bedrooms, which gain seclusion as they are separated from the rest of the spaces. This render –as can be recognized– brilliantly collects the spaces of one of the apartments from the ‘Friends’ series, in a nice nod to the memorable program.

3D plan and designs of one-story houses with 3 or 4 bedrooms

When distributing several bedrooms on one floor, it is important to keep the common areas separate from the rest spaces. In fact, it is very common to see how the bedrooms and bathrooms are arranged in the back of a house, while the dining room, kitchen and living room are placed at the front of the building.

However, for residences with three or four bedrooms , an interesting recommendation may be —as far as possible— to separate the main bedroom from the secondary ones, to provide it with greater privacy.

Project created by ELEPHANT CONSTRUCTORA , in Planner5d

An interesting way to distance the master bedroom can be seen in this new model. Now the room is placed at one end of the house, separating it from the rest of the rooms. In this way, a kind of particular wing is created for the room, including its corresponding bathroom and dressing room.

style tips

In a house (follow the plan that follows), you can bet on very different construction styles. Below we highlight two fashion trends.

Simple one-story house designs that combine wood and concrete
One of the design proposals for simple one-story houses that has been most successful in recent years —when it comes to building a modern and simple house— is the combination of concrete and wood. The contrast of a natural material and the rough industrial texture of concrete has become a very popular aesthetic choice. In addition to that, of course, it is a very functional option, perfect for small homes.
This is the perfect stylistic choice for those with a penchant for minimalist. And it is that the contrast of different textures, as well as the different architectural details, are capable of giving interest to the interiors without the need for too much added decoration.

traditional materials

One of the main current trends in decoration is to resort to natural materials natural materials such as wood and stone. These are very traditional materials, and that is why they are a great option for those who are related to a more classic design.
Certain architectural elements made of wood, such as exposed beams or fireplaces with wide mantels, are a perfect way to add character to a newly built home.

one-story house facade designs

Once a plan model has been chosen, it is essential to choose a suitable facade. And when designing the front of a single-storey house, it is important to play with vertical and diagonal lines to balance the heavy visual horizontality of a low-rise building. A very good way to do it can be, for example, including a gabled porch.

Depending on the building styles and materials, the facades of one height can be very different. From a traditional stone front, to a wooden porch, or even more minimalist metal alternatives, a low facade can follow any architectural style.

Facades with gabled porch

This model is perhaps one of the most popular (and traditional), but it can still be very varied. Depending on the taste (modern, classic, rustic…) of the local availability, an entrance of this typology can be built in any type of material, such as wood, stone or brick.

architecture porch design

As we said, this model gains momentum in height and, therefore, can be a very good design for houses that are wider in front, as it achieves a good visual balance that makes them appear taller.

A wooden porch

Of course, this is the most classic alternative, and it allows you to cover the front of a house, generating a very versatile and cozy covered space. Both in summer and winter, a large wooden porch can become a very useful space, while protecting the access to the house from inclement weather.

Wood porch design
minimalist facades
A perfect alternative for houses with more minimalist designs is to bet on straight lines and angles. These options can accentuate the horizontality of the lower constructions, but they also achieve a much more contemporary effect.

The model in the image —a rear facade— features a wide block-shaped porch, which covers the entrance area. With this cover, it protects an entire glass wall that opens the house to the garden . In general, simple one-story house designs can gain a lot from a minimalist design like this one, with lots of glass, plain white walls and plenty of straight lines. Without a doubt, this can be a great option compared to more traditional models.

Frequent questions

How to make cheap house designs?

Planner 5D offers the possibility to create house plans and designs for free. Try it here .

How to make beautiful one-story house models?

With the different tools that Planner 5D offers , you will be able to create 2D plans and 3D models that perfectly suit your tastes.

How to design small houses?

When creating small designs, it is important to make the most of every square meter. Avoiding creating divisions between spaces such as the kitchen, the living room and the dining room, for example, can be a very good solution.