The 15 Best Pages to Download Subtitles for Movies

The 15 Best Pages to Download Subtitles for Movies

As the world is merging culturally, when you can’t understand the language, the only thing it can allow you is to download subtitles for your videos and enjoy them, or as they say in English download subtitles .

In addition, putting subtitles on your videos will also help you better understand movies with subtitles if the background noise is too loud , or if some actors have a strong accent.

The question from which pages we can easily download subtitles, or even download Game of Thrones subtitles , as we all know the benefits.

That is why we have compiled some amazing options for you to download subtitles and enjoy learning a new language or enjoy videos for a non-native language or different from your language. Here we give you how to Download Subtitles for your movies.

Below you can find the 15 pages to download subtitles that we have compiled .

  • Part 1: 15 Best Pages to Download Subtitles for Movies ( Download Subtitles for Movies )
  • Part 2: How to automatically add subtitles to videos

Part 1: 15 Best Pages to Download Subtitles for Movies ( Download Subtitles for Movies )

These are the 15 best websites to download subtitles for movies and TV. Download Subtitles here> )

  • YIFY subtitles
  • sub scene
  • Movie Subtitles
  • opensubtitles
  • Subtitle Seeker
  • Addic7ed
  • Subtitles for DVD Movies
  • subtitles
  • English-Subtitles
  • subdivx
  • SubsMax
  • Digital Digest
  • SRT Subtitle
  • Subtitles HR

Filmora9 Video Editor, Recommended Video Editor

Do you want to easily add subtitles to videos? Why not give Filmora9 a try ? You can quickly add subtitles frame by frame. You can also customize the color, font, size, and more! Download it for free right now to have a try!

Note : Filmora9 includes 15+ templates to give subtitles more styles.

1 YIFY subtitles

Advantages : Users are responsible for uploading all the subtitles, so there are several languages ​​available, including subtitles in Spanish. You can also stream movies to Netflix.

Cons : Some small movies don’t offer English subtitles.

‘YIFY subtitles’ has a wide range of movies in various languages. The site has a nice interface that makes selecting your favorite movies very easy. During download, the interface takes you to a PDF page, which is a bit tricky.

Features :

  • It has top rated movies, classic movies, recently released movies, latest added movies and popular movies in different sections.
  • It is an open and easy to navigate website.
  • You can select movies based on genre.
  • When you select any movie, you have the option to see the year and the rating.

Advantages : Supports downloads for the hearing impaired, which is ideal for a certain group of people.

Cons : The old style of the user interface is a bit disappointing and you can’t upload subtitles.

This website has tons of subtitles for your favorite movies. It has a very simple and outdated interface. You can download various movie subtitles like Harry Potter saga . It also shows ads at the top of the page.

Features :

  • You have the option to edit the caption filter on the page.
  • Subtitles for Movies, TV Series and Music Videos are also available.
  • The page also features the number of total downloads for a specific movie subtitle.

3. Movie Subtitles

Advantages : Supports 13 kinds of languages. You can also find the latest and greatest movies.

Disadvantages : You can only find one subtitle format for the movie. You need to convert the file if you need other formats.

This site contains only movie subtitles. The ads are quite annoying and distract you from the content of the page. To view XviD movies  with subtitles in Windows Media Player, you need to install a filter called DirectVobSub. The files are compressed with WinZip, so you must extract them after downloading.

Features :

  • You can find subtitles in various languages.
  • Categorically organizes the most used subtitles, the most recent and the best movies.

Four. opensubtitles

Advantages : This site offers more than 20 languages. You can also upload subtitles and the forum is active with many users.

Disadvantages : You need to become a VIP member to remove ads from the website.

This website contains much more than just movie subtitles and also allows you to upload subtitles. It contains nearly 4,700,000 subtitles for you to download.

The page shows annoying ads and one click opens another landing page or ad page. However, it is possible to get rid of the ads if you subscribe to a VIP account.

Features :

  • It also has a player on the page that you can access.
  • You can watch movies from torrent websites and save time.

5. Subtitle Seeker

Advantages : The subtitles are categorized into two: movies and series.

Cons : Ads are annoying, especially on the download page. The actual download link is at the bottom.

Subtitle Seeker only offers English subtitles in .srt format, so this website may meet your needs if you are looking for English subtitles. There is no alphabetical order for all subtitles, but you can search to get the result.

Features :

  • Lots of subtitle fonts for Game of Thrones series.
  • Users can use a range of quality from 480p to Blu-ray.
  • Detailed steps are mentioned on each page of each movie.

subtitle seeker

6. Addic7ed

Advantages : You can view and edit subtitles after registering on this site.

Cons : Outdated UI design with less subtitle list.

This is another website to fulfill your purpose. With Addic7ed you can use subtitles for TV shows and movies. The site has options to register, although you can download the subtitles without the need for registration. You have to scroll down to see the list.

Features :

  • It has several categories, ranging from old movies to the most recent
  • The site has the option to show you which movies or shows are being translated and which have been translated.
  • The most downloaded files today and the last downloaded files are also displayed.

7. Subtitles for DVD Movies

Pros : It’s dedicated to building a movie community, so it’s the best place to find subtitles.

Disadvantages : The layout is not user friendly as the movies are not categorized by theme.

To watch the movies, you need to install DirectVobSub. The website looks quite confusing as you cannot find any subtitles easily. In addition, this website contains the meaning of a subtitle.

Features :

  • You can select the letters at the top to find the subtitles according to your needs.
  • Since the frame rate and cropping of movies  differ, you may need to adjust them as needed.


Advantages : Various themes to choose from, from cartoons to TV shows.

Disadvantages : Contains some misleading links when you click the play button.

The site offers an attractive and neat interface for choosing movies. The relief is that there are no irritating ads. In the top bar of the page you can find how the movies are organized.

Features :

  • You can find subtitles for movies and TV series.
  • You can see the latest added subtitles at the top position of the page.
  • Genre, country, and tags to organize movies and TV series on the website.

9. subtitles

Advantages : You can choose from various subtitle files for a movie and you can also find the description and rating.

Cons : Limited movies to choose from as some of the most popular movies are missing.

This page has the search bar at the top, where you can enter the movie name to find the subtitle. The ads on the page are quite distracting.

Recent movie releases are located on the right side of the page. You can click the “Browse” button to go through the huge collection of movies found on the page.

Features :

  • Every movie has an IMDB rating taken from its name.
  • Movies are organized by genre, country, etc.

10. English-Subtitles

Advantages : This site contains subtitles for very popular movies like Suite, Avengers and more.

Disadvantages : You can’t find another language apart from English.

The search box is at the top of the page and you can type a name to search for subtitles. The site includes movies and TV series. There are ads on this page, although they are less annoying compared to other subtitle pages.

Features :

  • It has an RSS feed and a mobile version.

eleven. subdivx

Advantages : You can find more than 560 thousand subtitles on this site and it also includes a discussion forum.

Disadvantages : The user interface is unfriendly for users, which means you need some time to navigate it.

Although the site has a long list of subtitles, it is not in English. A non-English site is difficult for some users as they may not know the language.

Features :

  • The site does not display any advertisements, which is a great advantage for users.
  • The interface is very easy to understand.
  • You can make use of the forum and filter through “Most Discussed” or “Most Rated” movies.

12. SubsMax

Advantages : The simple interface will allow you to find subtitles easily.

Disadvantages : Many users find that the resources are somewhat limited.

The interface of the page is very simple and neat. However, such a clutter-free interface can sometimes turn off movie fans, as it doesn’t even offer previews of movies or TV series.

Features :

  • This page contains movies and TV series.
  • The bottom of the screen shows recently added subtitles along with the language.

13. Digital Digest

Advantages : It is a central station for popular subtitle websites, so you can find all the subtitles.

Disadvantages : The format of the forum needs improvement as it does not have a modern style.

This site is great when it comes to downloading subtitles. If you can’t find a movie subtitle, it helps a lot to look it up right there. There are HD videos available on this website that you can download and enjoy.

Features :

  • Although it has a simple interface, it does not display any movies or series on the main page.
  • To make life easier for users, the page contains guides that can be followed to understand the use of any video software.

14. SRT Subtitle

Advantages : They have 12 subtitle languages ​​for users.

Disadvantages : It only offers SRT subtitles. You must enter other sites to find more formats.

The website offers subtitles for movies and TV series. You can find them in 2 different categories displayed on the right side of the page. New TV Series or Movies appear in the main part of the screen, depending on the selected tab, ie “TV Series Subtitles”/”Movie Subtitles”.

Features :

  • The top of the screen has the language buttons; you can select them to choose the subtitles in that particular language. Furthermore, the same buttons would also change the language of the page. Therefore, be careful when selecting any of them.
  • Fortunately, it does not display ads, unlike other websites.

fifteen. Subtitles HR

Advantages : Accurate English subtitles.

Cons : Contains exercise videos, which is confusing.

This page has more than just movies and TV series. It also shows exercise videos to help you maintain a healthy life. You can find the latest subtitles in 2 categories, that is, English and other languages. You must choose the option you want to make use of it to the fullest.

Features :

  • From the top of the screen, you can easily choose a letter and search for a movie that begins with that letter.
  • You can even download apps from this page.

Part 2: How to add subtitles to videos automatically

We have mentioned 15 sites where you can find subtitles and add them to your video. If you still feel that it is annoying, here we will show you a method where you can add subtitles automatically without searching and downloading them.

The app is called VLC and it is designed for people who want to save some time. You can find subtitles based on the video name and hash.

First of all, you need to download VLC from its official site . Now, below are the steps about how to put subtitles on a video.

    1. Launch VLC and click Media > Open File . The movie will appear on the screen.

    1. Go to View > VLsub . You will see a screen appear.
    2. Multiple languages ​​are displayed in the top list. The default is English. There are two options you can use here: Search by hash and Search by name. We usually choose to search by name.
    3. Now click on Search by name. The subtitle file will be displayed in the bottom frame. Just choose the one you like the most. It should now be added to the video automatically. Very easy, right?

  1. If you notice that the subtitles and the movie are out of sync, you can press H to move the subtitles back or press G to move the movie forward.
  2. Go to Tools > Preferences . Then select Subtitles/OSD in the new window.
  3. VLC supports subtitle appearance settings for your personal needs. Here you can choose where the subtitles will appear in the movie: top/left/bottom, etc.
  4. You can also customize the font, size, color, and outline thickness. For advanced settings, VLC supports encoding formats. Don’t forget to click Save before closing.

You can also refer to the following video to learn more about how to automatically add subtitles to your movie.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that the internet is full of sites to download subtitles and you can get anything on your system. By the way, you can also create captions and subtitles for FB videos . Simply choose the one you like the most and try it without any commitment.