Business contests and Covid-19

Business contests and Covid-19

75% of business tenders are located in sectors affected by Covid-19, according to the special study by INFORMA D&B on Companies in tenders in the last 12 months, which has taken into account the classification made by the DBK Sector Observatory . The report indicates that since June of last year 6,166 contests have been registered in Spain,

75% of the contests started in the last year are located in sectors with a strong or significant impact by Covid-19

The tenders declared in companies in sectors with no impact or with a moderate impact accounted for 21% in June 2020. A percentage that drops to 17% in June of this year.

Specifically, it is in the month of March when the highest number of tenders is collected, 630, reaching levels not seen since 2014. This month the proportion of companies in sectors with strong or significant impact rises to 85%.

“Since June of last year there has been an upward trend in the number of tenders in Spain, after the sharp drop in the processes started in April 2020 due to the state of alarm and the closing of the registries. However, the explosion of tenders that could be expected due to the health crisis has not yet taken place, given the extension of the insolvency moratorium until the end of 2021 ”, says Nathalie Gianese, Director of Studies at Informa D&B

Evolution of business tenders from June 2020 to June 2021

The percentage of competitions in large companies decreases
If in June 2020 4% of tenders corresponded to large companies , this year, in the same month, their participation drops to 0.6%. In fact, in the last year in no month have they exceeded 2% of the total. The percentage of medium-sized companies varies between 3% and 1%, that of small ones moves between 10% and 7%, with the exception of March of this year, in which they remained at 5%.

The most contests accumulates in micro – enterprises , which were 83% of the processes initiated in June 2020 and accounted for 91% of the contests declared in June 2021. In the last year together account for over 80% .

Analysis by Autonomous Community

Catalonia and Madrid are the most affected communities


Since June of last year, Catalonia has been the community that registers the most contests, reaching over a few months (July 2020 and January 2021) 30% of the total. Madrid follows with percentages ranging between 20% and 25% of the total. Although in August 2020 they exceeded 27% and yet in January 2021 they did not reach 12%.

Economic activities and Covid-19

INFORMA’s DBK Sector Observatory has classified more than 500 economic activities by the level of impact (Strong, Significant or Moderate) of Covid-19 on them and the results have been grouped into 36 major sectors:

infographic business contests and coronavirus



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