Benefits of Using Interview Software?

Benefits of Using Interview Software?

Technology has improved and enhanced the hiring process, making it better for hiring managers and job seekers as well. For instance, interview software has gained popularity in recent years because it screens candidates thoroughly, helps companies save resources and time, and streamlines the entire hiring process. The online platform helps businesses to recruit the best talent from all over the world and has the following benefits:

It makes scheduling easier

When you are trying to invite over 50 candidates for screening and vetting, you may spend days or weeks sending emails back and forth to find a convenient time for everyone. This may end up becoming very stressful and time-consuming for both you and your candidates. However, when you use the necessary technology for conducting the meetings, it will enable the job seekers to answer the questions when they are able to. Moreover, the hiring managers can review the answers when their schedule allows. In short, less time is spent on screening a large number of people so more time can be used on the valuable shortlisted candidates.

It improves and simplifies performance tracking

After using this technology during the recruitment process, the hiring team can gauge their top candidates to determine what they all had in common. For instance, they can look at the replies given to some questions and the body language of the participants. Afterward, they can use the commonalities to choose other strong participants in the future. For example, if the strong candidates mentioned doing a similar program or a career developmental goal, the recruiters can use that to find others with the same knowledge, potential, or interests. Moreover, it is easier to compare employees with prospective clients through videos than through notes written by the hiring team, who all have different perspectives.

Gauging candidates’ tech-savvy skills

Every employer wants to hire someone who knows how to use technology well. Therefore, when you use this software, you will be able to gauge their tech skills from the get-go. For instance, if their picture is blurry, or they record without audio, you may use it to determine whether they can accomplish other tech-based skills associated with the role they are applying for. Moreover, many recruiting software have resources where users can get assistance to use the platform perfectly. Therefore, if they are unwilling to ask for help from the available resources, that could also be seen as a red flag.

Convenient for passive candidates

Some employees may not be actively looking for a new job but are open to new opportunities that are better than their current jobs, such as better benefits, salaries, and perks. However, if they need to commute across town on a weekday for the meeting, they will most likely not pursue the opportunity. On the other hand, a tech-based hiring process such as recording a short video in their home can enable them to easily apply for the opportunity.


Tech-based hiring software, processes, and applications such as interviewstream have many advantages such as simplifying scheduling, enhancing performance tracking, enabling passive candidates to apply, and gauging prospective employees’ tech-savvy skills. Other advantages include being able to observe the non-verbal cues and body language before deciding whether to call back or not. Using tech in hiring is slowly becoming more popular and many prospective employees prefer it too.


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