10 benefits of having a website for your brand

10 benefits of having a website for your brand

At this time, the Internet is a phenomenon that sweeps the world. It has been able to interconnect millions of users all over the planet. People have made the Internet an indispensable part of their lives. If they want to find out where to eat, they search their cell phone for restaurant recommendations. If they want to buy clothes, they can see the online catalogs of the stores, and even buy online.

Now that everything is within reach of a click, brands must be alert. The brand user interaction is no longer the same. Now you don’t just have to go looking for your customers, they can come to you. All you have to do is learn to take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet offers you. Websites are one of them. That is why today we will show you how having a website will help you grow your business.

1. Greater range

A web page is designed to be viewed anywhere in the world where there is Internet. The barriers of space and time are reduced. Thus, a client of yours who cannot approach your physical business can do so virtually. In this way, you can make more people visible to your brand at any time.

Also, thanks to Google search engines, more potential customers can find you. Just by putting a keyword on the Internet they can reach your business. For example, if someone wants to know about a mahogany furniture seller near her district, the first thing they will do is search on Google. Then you will analyze all the results and go to the store that suits you best.

It is in this way that by simply implementing a website, you can achieve a greater reach of potential customers. A website can have the same reach as the Internet.

2. Lower investment

As we mentioned in the previous point, just by opening a web page you can reach many people. Compared to traditional means, obtaining this would be very expensive. For example, having a store open where you can display your products all day would be very expensive.

Now, creating a website is very simple and cheap. You can get a web domain on servers like WordPress or Jimdo. In addition to that they offer you some templates and themes that you can adjust according to the requirements of your brand. There is a wide variety of actions that you can carry out by buying the domain of your website, from showing information about your company so that they can find you, to selling products virtually.

The best thing is that on a website you do not need to pay rent or permanent workers. You just have to take care of getting a good web developer and the business will take care of itself.

3. Better way to find new collaborators

With a website you can reach many people, but not only clients, but also people who want to work with you and grow your business. If you wish, you can implement a “work with us” section on your website. In this way you can save large amounts of money in making a large call for work. You can receive proposals and then filter them according to the profile you need. All quickly, easily and cheaply.

4. You find new clients

Thanks to the scope that a website gives you, you can always find new customers. Since they, having a need, will search the Internet. And if you have a well-positioned website, they can find your brand and start a business relationship.

The best thing is that, like word of mouth advertising, a website can be recommended, thus increasing the network of contacts.

5. Give confidence and support to the physical store

Now most major stores have a website where they can display their products and tacitly tell their customers that they go hand in hand with technology. Not only does this bring customers closer, but it also gives an image of professionalism.

It works the same as with the yellow pages in the old days, having an ad gave support and credibility to the brand. Now that does not exist, but there is the Internet, and the websites work in a similar way to the profiles in the yellow pages. Remember that now everyone searches the web to find out if a business really exists, and what better way to calm and give people confidence than with a friendly and well-designed website.

6.Open 24/7

A website is a showcase for your brand 365 days a year, open at all times. You do not have to pay workers or rent, just have a well-designed website. In this way a client with tight schedules can visit your site at the time they want, for as long as they want. Without being afraid that the store will close or that you feel harassed by the salesmen.

On a website, the user can take as long as they want and observe at their own pace, if there is a virtual store on your website. Or you can simply find out more about the brand and be totally sure of establishing a commercial link.

7. Show the image of the company

Another important aspect of a website is that it can capture more about your brand. From content design, through a brief history of what you do to the services you offer. The best thing is that you can also include calls to action for your customers, offering to quote some prices or ask about the products and services you offer.

8. Increase sales

Just by making your brand visible on the Internet through a website, you can make your sales increase considerably. First, because you give your customers one more way to make your products visible, letting them take all the time they need. Second, because a website increases trust in users and allows you to close more sales. Finally, it helps expand sales to places you may never have gone before, expanding your business and making your brand more widely known.

9. Cheaper advertising

On the Internet, advertising works differently. It is totally away from traditional advertising such as radio, television and print ads. Take advantage of the resources that exist on the Internet and use them in your favor. One of them is Google Adwords, which allows you to place ads in the search engine and position yourself in the first search places so that your future customers can find you faster. The best thing is that you only pay for each click that the client makes on your ad. Which is totally different from traditional ads, where very high figures are paid and you can’t be so sure who was really interested in what you launched.

10.Allows you to expand nationally and even internationally

As we already mentioned with a website, there are no barriers of time or space. So if you want to expand your business, there is no better way than implementing a friendly and well-designed website. You can open an online catalog or offer your services virtually. In this way you can expand your brand little by little. You can even reach international levels if you put your mind to it.

Now that you know some of the benefits of creating a web page, what are you waiting for? It is time to adapt to this globalized era and start succeeding.