What is the best authentication method?

What is the best authentication method?

Already present in eight countries of the European Union, Orange Developer has become one of the most useful comprehensive services for companies. This service offers a series of API, SDK and product tools for data analysis systems, user authentication, payment gateways, forms, events and expert forums, as well as other more personalized utilities adapted to the size and needs of each company.

And one of the key services resides in the authentication methods, that little bridge between our personal profile and the entrance to the web. Depending on the type of encryption applied and the needs of each locator, there are several methods that we will break down. Once you have registered as a user for a Know Your Customer (KYC) plan or any other type of identifier, you can choose between these five options, according to the needs of each user.

1: traditional login

It doesn’t require a lot of presentation. It is an entry with a username and password in a secure connection website, an authentication form without local data storage.

2: online identifier

This is a method designed for mobile devices and tablets. It uses our internet connection to identify users, that is, by analyzing our information as a contract customer with Orange. It goes without saying that we cannot make use of it if we do not have some type of internet contracting with Orange.

3: via SMS OTP

This is a streamlined and easy method that combines one-step consent and authentication. The system sends an OTP (One Time Password) code through a text message and simultaneously authenticates the user, so that it serves as a one-time registration, which changes with each login.

Obviously, this method requires being a member of Orange and having contracted one of its APIs to implement it. You can find more information about the authentication code, type of encryption and consent from here.

4: via a URL via SMS

Similar to the previous method, this login combines the SMS of a lifetime with a web link that serves as an online identifier. The message of this sms and the access website itself can be customized according to the needs of each client.

5: Mobile Connect

Authentication Methods … Authentication means verifying the identity of someone (a user, device, or an entity) who wants to access data, resources, or …As we can see in the explanatory video itself, this is a fairly secure authentication method based on the Open ID Connect standard. We do not need to remember passwords nor does it have a cost in terms of navigation, since the Orange SIM card takes care of everything. The SIM of our mobile is our password and it helps us to authenticate through third parties

As users, we receive a verification notification (LoA2) or by entering a preset PIN code (LoA3). The service does not need to know anything more about us or save information, only that we have a telephone number linked to the Orange service and that we are using this operational service within Mobile Connect.

A priori, this could be considered the best method of all: it takes advantage of the latest technology to link security with the convenience of OTPs.

And there are still more methods. For example, the University of Plymouth (England) developed some time ago a system known as GOTpass, based on the generation of random patterns similar to captchas, which can be of different depth levels up to 6-8 redundant validations.

And we must not forget the use of biometrics as an authentication system, which also eradicates the need for passwords and would imply the use of fingerprints – or more advanced models, such as the iris scanner or facial recognition – to access the personal profile or validate the payment gateway.


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